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Lucy + Nicklas Mt William

Lucy & Nicklas are the most fun loving people you are likely to ever come across. They met while Lucy was an exchange student in Denmark years earlier and their sweetheart love grew and prospered as they moved to Australia and started a life together. The wedding celebrated all that is great in both the Australian and Danish cultures with many traditions being enjoyed throughout the day. As Lucy made her way down the aisle, there was a tear from Nicklas as he saw her, which made everyone understand just how special it was to know these two and what they share together. Before long we drove to the top of Mount William where the weather couldn’t have been kinder for some photographs, showing the vast beauty of the Grampians National Park. I had no idea that as we made our way to the reception just what was in store for the rest of the night. The festivities included a surprise guest appearance by the ‘Wiggles’ and the release of some ‘gifts’ for the couple, that left everyone in fits of laughter and tears of joy! This wedding was beautiful from start to finish and a true event for all those who attended from near and far, I just wish we could do it all over again! All my love to this amazing couple xoxo

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Vendors that helped make this day special:

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Halls Gap Valley Lodges & Function Centre
Florist: Rachel Farran
Makeup: Stacey McClure
Hair: Stacey Wright Hair Design
Cake: Frost and Fondant
Dress: Rowena Sloane
Tuxes: Jenny and Gerry’s Bridal centre
Celebrant: Judith Burke
Music: Sofia Habel
Vehicle: Halls Gap Tourism Shuttle Bus
Photobooth: Little Birdie Photo Booths
Photographer: Thea Jane Photography

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