Best Wedding Photo

There are many reasons people become wedding photographers, actually the reason I hear most from colleagues is when at their own wedding they noticed the work of the photographer and thought about how much fun it would be, the other not so nice reason is that they were disappointed with their images and started looking if they could make people happier than they were. But I’m an exception to the rule you could say, I started studying photography full time my first year out of high school, I must admit I was quite shy of photographing people at this stage but as the years went on I really began to love every second of it, soon I was asked to assist (fancy way of saying I carried all the camera gear) for a couple of professionals while they shot weddings on weekends between class and I was hooked from the very first one, like those in my industry it takes just one to pull you in for life.

This wedding photo to me is the best of all time because it was shot 32 years ago, and it is as beautiful today as it was then. Its warm, inviting, shows real emotion and stands the test of time, everything I strive for when photographing couples on their special day. There is one other reason that this is the best wedding photograph of all time, the couple in the picture are my parents, Happy 32nd Anniversary Mum and Dad may the next 32 be just as wonderful.