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“Photographs that show your day just as it was, natural, joyful and real.”

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…Photographs of a special hand embroidered handkerchief given to you by your Nan.

…Your mum helping you do up the buttons on your breathtaking dress, and your Dad walking in and realising just how fast you have grown up, as he sees you for the first time all ready for your big day.

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…Your fiancé glancing over his shoulder with tears in his eyes as he sees you walking towards him down the isle.

…Special images capturing your nearest and dearest loved ones that you know will be treasured for years to come.

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…Portraits of you and your new husband together sharing so much love and affection.

…Laughing with your bridal party as the boys try to stay serious for their portraits with their best mate.

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…You and your girls all together dressed to impress and making memories to treasure for a lifetime.

…Heading back to the reception to the cheer of your loved ones.

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…Going red as your Dad reads out his speech for you both.

…Tears when your Maid of Honour recalls all the good times spent together growing up.

…Cracking up when the best man lets you know what your Husband has been up to over the years with the ‘boys’.

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ImaginePin Image…Holding your husbands hand as you walk to the dance floor for your first dance and having everyone jump in and join you to your
favourite song.

…Cutting the beautiful cake ready for everyone to enjoy, while Grandma snaps a picture of you both for prosperity.

These special times are just a TINY number of the beautiful moments that will happen during your wedding.

Not to mention the candid, unguarded and unexpected moments of pure joy.

All these precious moments are taken through the eyes of a wedding photographer who not only understands posing and traditional photography but is also a qualified photojournalist ready to capture the moments no one could plan, like when your Flowergirl tries on your shoes as she does a twirl in her pretty dress.

Your wedding captured with you in mind is what it is all about.

Custom packages can be created to capture everything that is important to you, please contact me below for full pricing information.

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Keepsake Products

Beautiful high quality keepsakes selected to help you re-live your special day

 Your special day comes and goes so quickly and it’s important to have your images ready to enjoy without months going by. Thats why an online sneak peek is ready within a week of your wedding! Plus all photographs are professionally edited and supplied along with a beautiful slideshow within just six weeks of your wedding, if not sooner!

So what is it really like to have Thea Jane capturing your big day?

Firstly this isn’t my first rodeo, so to speak. I love weddings and feel extremely fortunate to have found a career in an industry where I am constantly surrounded by happy people, all sharing in love, laughter and fun! After capturing countless weddings, I have found many ways to make the day run incredibly smooth and stress free for my couples. By meeting with you and asking a few questions to gather all the information I need, I can give you a timeline of how your day will run and what to expect from start to finish, including concrete dates to have your images and products in your hands ready to enjoy. Not to mention giving you a helping hand on the day and also being ready to adapt to all weather conditions and make any last minute changes work for all those involved. I like to conduct myself as an organised professional who will stop at nothing to help make your day a success.

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