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Brooke + Chris Boroka Lookout

I don’t think I have ever photographed a more adventurous and happy couple. Mr & Mrs Warrack took my wedding photography to new heights on Saturday… literally. After spending the morning getting ready with all the girls we drove up the mountain to Boroka Lookout in Halls Gap. Here these two lovely people were joined together in marriage in front of their very special 12 bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, friends and of course that breathtaking view. With tears and smiles these two tied the knot in a spectacular way, but this was just the beginning with their first bridal portrait to be taken on the very edge of the lookout. Soon we travelled down the mountain to capture some more beautiful images at a rustic and picturesque bar just out side of Halls Gap. Later we finished off our portraits at the Venus Baths walk, or in Brooks case, run. Nothing was stopping these two from enjoying every second of their special day. Finally we arrived back at the Halls Gap Valley Lodges for the reception to enjoy some beautiful dinner, cake and laugh along to some very very funny speeches. I just want to say thank you so much to both Brooke and Chris for having me as a small part of your special day and I hope you and your loved ones can all enjoy this sneak peek xoxo Thea Jane.

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